Tee Colvin

Meet Tee-

I am a busy Wife and Mother, who was tired of all of the weight lost gimmicks , tricks and losing money.

So I designed my program based off of real life everyday situations, and used myself as a case study for multiple years. 

 I spent time to study every part of my body as well as the women around me for years. And even gave birth to baby number 5 to increase my studies on body changes. I was able to build my fitness routine around my life and my schedule as well as build my confidence and ability to help others. With the program I built for myself I went from weighing 265 to 208 in the first 6 months to a year pre-birth of baby number 5 and from 238-190 in the first 4 months post-baby. I took the time to become certified and begin to build programs for friends and other military wives around the area for free, and with the feedback I received, I took time to evaluate and do further research on to cater to the needs of my target clients. 

SheBuilt Fitness provides affordable personal training, that includes in-person and virtual sessions, meal planning, meal prep, nutritional help, etc. while promoting the importance of natural weight loss. Shebuilt specializes in building a program for each induvial client to fit the client everyday schedule as well as including doctor orders from the client’s licensed provider to the program. Shebuilt focuses on home-based workouts and meal plans designed around the clients’ favorite foods while coaching each client to a healthy lifestyle. Shebuilt also offers gym training, outdoor training, house calls, and travel available. 

SheBuilt Fitness is known for our Bodied by Tee x-treme detox, affordability, Real Results, and our House call visits. 

Living a healthy life without diets and breaking the bank was a must for me and it will be the best decision for you!


                                                 - Tee  Certified personal Trainer. 

                                                            She built Fitness By Tee